screening machines

High Efficiency
& Ergonomic

Apex Screeners

Ergonomic design of Apex screening
machine can be maintained and
inspected by one person

performance for sharp
separation and high

Megatex XD Screening Machine

Easy accessible external drive with single reaction
drive cartridge consisting of 2 spherical roller
bearings, designed for 200,000 hours of service

Production Engineer
Industrial Mineral Processor

"Rotex Screening Machines have proven themselves for
years and years. They are the industry standard for many
applications. They are cost effective and give me
the separations I want and need.”

The Engineer’s Choice

Original Rotex
Motion Screener

Rotex Screeners

Proven rugged, long-lasting and versatile screener
used in countless applications throughout the world
for decades. Totally enclosed with primary

Classic Performance &
Unmatched Quality

Hi Cline Screeners

An ideal solution for effective screening of DAP/MAP
fertilisers. Designed for high frequency screening in
the phosphatic fertiliser process through

Highly Customizable
Drive Feeder

Direct Drive Feeder

The Direct Drive Feeders satisfy a range of applications
from light-duty food and chemical to heavy-duty
quarry applications in a cost effective way

The Finance Director’s Choice

"The Apex Screening Machine enables a single operator
to manage and service a number of screeners,
this results in reduced operating costs as
we redirect resources elsewhere”.

Director of Operations & Finance
Recycling Industry

The Rotex Difference

Rotex’s screening equipment is an
efficient alternative to traditional vibratory
screening machines. Unlike standard
vibratory machines, Rotex screening motion
features low angle, long stroke and
gyratory reciprocation motion.

machine for screening
Rotex Industrial Screeners
Genuine Rotex parts available for same day despatch wherever you are in the world
processing equipment
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